Promotional Key holders

Promotional Key holders

  • 11 April 2018

Promotional Key holders

Key holders or chains are used to avoid losing keys and providing a handy usage. Our promotional key holder types are metal, leather and production keyholders.

It is possible top rint on both front and back side or only one side of the promotion metal key holder. In the most prefered version company logo is printed on both sides of the keyholders. In the printing work more than one color may be used. The type of printing applied on promotion metal key holders is the most used and adviced type which is laser printing. Besides this UV printing, pad printing or serigraph may also be applied but anyway often used on efor metal key holders is the laser technique. However promotion metal key holders are not suitable for hot printing.

Promotional leather key holders can be printed according to their design. It is possible top rint logos on them. On leather key holder types Cliche (line block) hot stamping is applied most commonly. However serigraph printing is also possible. On the contrary laser or UV printing can not be applied on leather key holders.

Any material of promotion can be made for production keyholder. You can produced as worn leather, antique, tin, etc.

Key holder and lock system were invented by Antique Romans. This invention based on the lock’s possiblity of being unlocked only with the right key, has been the most secure method known for centuries.


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