Advantages of Promotional Business Card Holders

Advantages of Promotional Business Card Holders

  • 11 April 2018

Advantages of Promotional Business Card Holders

Business card generally is a design on which owner’s name and surname, company worked for, title and contact informations are printed on. Usually bristol cardboards are used to produce business cards. Sizes often used for business cards: width: 5 - 5,5 cm, height 8-9 cm. Since the business cards are inseperable parts of corporate identity, they should be produced in that manner. Pantone numbers of colors decided for company logos must be shared with the printing house. Business cards are a highlight expression of profession. Before starting the business meetings exchanging business cards is a particularly important ritual. Today business cards designed in digital environment are easier to design and adaptod according to order.

You output your company quality by having printed promotional businesscards with company logo, name and contact info on the front side. Other things written on business card are your name, title and own contacts.

The back side writings may change. If your company is somewhere hard to find you can add location view plan on the back face. However with the improvement of smartphones in navigation maps lately companies mostly began to choose placing a QR code on the back that navigates from their websites. An other opportunity is prefering to put company logo and name on that side.

Promotional Business Card Holders

Metal business card holders

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Advantages of Promotional Business Card Holders

Altough they are made of only small papers, business cards represent you and your company. People have the first impression of you with your business card. A carefully chosen business card may open the unexpected doors or take you to a bolt out of the blue for you or let you meet a person you normally wouldn’t. Also it can be evaluated as the sign of corporativeness. Remember that for people you are identified with the brandmark you are representing and business card is the best symbol to define this relation.


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